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The horrors of small-town life



All Fall Down

…And with that, I find that it’s Thursday afternoon, and I’m standing on Main Street. Nothing to do, no place to go. Aimless. Directionless.

Holding Back the Night

Dell hated getting wet. Almost as much as he hated being cold. Right now, he was both, but he hardly noticed it. He didn’t notice the red and blue lights shining off the puddles in the road. Flint’s presence beside… Continue Reading →

The Interview

Can I help you? Oh, Mr. Parsons, from the newspaper, is it? Yes, I have you on the schedule to speak to the mayor at 3:00. You’re quite a bit early; if you’d like to take a seat, the mayor’s… Continue Reading →

    Jeff Burkholder, Creator and Editor-in-Chief – Jeff created the framework for what would become Gloaming Gap in the spring of 2009 and continues as the primary editor and man-(who-knows)-about-town. He also writes and draws the cartoons Zoidland, and… Continue Reading →


A subtle buzz on his hip startled Tristan. It was easy to get lost in his strength training, particularly with the sounds of Wagner in his headphones. But the buzz from his pager told him that the Deacon needed to… Continue Reading →

A Bloomin’ Mummy

I got cursed by a mummy today. Yes, I’m serious! A real live mummy! Well, I guess “undead,” at any rate.


Welcome to Gloaming Gap (pop. 5,472). A great place to visit, a better place to live, and absolutely the best place to be after that…

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