B. L. Boitson

This infrared image from Brenda's final quest for Bigfoot implies she may have finally prevailed.

B.L. Boitson is a freelance writer and blogger whose topics include travel, events, and businesses in central Pennsylvania. Most recently, however, her writing has shifted in focus to the loss of her husband in October 2008 to a rare form of cancer. Widowed at just 24, Brenda is now an advocate for sarcoma cancer, and is working to change how society discusses grief and accepts those grieving at an early age. She is an award winning Yahoo! Contributor and writes for Local Nation by Wyndham in addition to her blog. She is currently working on completing her love and loss memoir titled “Keepin’ it Kevin”.

Freelance Site: http://contributor.yahoo.com/user/blboitson/
Grief Blog: http://www.crazywidow.info
Co-Op Writer: http://wholestorymediagroup.com/our-crew/brenda-boitson/

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