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The horrors of small-town life



Muffin and Stuffin: The Second Batch

(continued from this story) Jesse glanced at the bakery display window, nearly empty except for some brownish muffins and a lot of fresh crumbs. Then he opened the door and stepped across the threshold. SMACK! Jesse’s cheek stung as a… Continue Reading →


I didn’t even learn to shift until I was thirteen. It was painful, and Grandmother said it would likely always be difficult for me because my mother was foolish enough to get involved with a non-shifter.

The Spinster’s Secret

They all think I’m a spinster. Okay, so they wouldn’t use that word; it’s too old-fashioned, all Faulkner and roses for Emily. They would say I’m “lonely.” They would be wrong.

Sleep Tight

Dr. Frederick von Bedstein squirmed between the storage boxes and a few stray shoes under Emmi’s bed. It was too neat, and she no longer kept fun things under her bed. The only thing the least bit amusing he found… Continue Reading →

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