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New Year’s Eve

“Are you ready?” I yelled back at Elizabeth who was behind the counter starting up the second coffee maker. I could hear her sigh. “I think,” she replied weakly. I rolled my eyes. The girl’s lack of confidence had been… Continue Reading →

“Christmas Presence” on The Lancast

Hop on over to The Lancast, where our friend David Moulton recorded Jeannine and Jason’s story. Like it, retweet it, whatever you want to do to pass it on!


Caitlin felt the soft crunch of the newly fallen snow under her boots. The purple laces dragged in a trail behind her, leaving blurred edges to her finely chiseled foot prints in the pristine snow beside her. It had just… Continue Reading →

Christmas Presence

I shuffle through the square, unnoticed, unneeded, irrelevant. I’ve bumped elbows tonight with the elite of the town: the council of elders who run this place – the ones who’ve been here from the beginning, and who think they know… Continue Reading →

West of Eden

Kadamb reached down for a chunk of earth. Dry and brittle, it gave way easily to his practiced fingers, and the re-pulverized bits sifted back down to where he had disturbed it. This was the place. Here.

Under the Sun

I watch them as I watch everything here in town. They skip, scamper, and shout at one another — little “boos” in training. They’re nothing like their parents, who were nothing like their parents, who were nothing like their parents,… Continue Reading →


We continue and conclude Zombie-Month-Tober with a change of pace: A poem from Daniel Meyer.

Carly Vs. The Horde

Darting around a huge boulder, Carly saw a hole in the roots of an ancient, gnarled tree. Knowing that was her best bet, she squeezed in, burying herself in the detritus of dead leaves, mud, and rocks. It wasn’t long… Continue Reading →

Cold Feet

Rachel peered out the window to gaze upon the orange and green balloons marking the entrance to the Gloaming Gap Fire Department parking lot. In neon orange letters, “Rachel and Frank’s wedding” were scrawled across the plywood sign in spray… Continue Reading →

Fairy Tales

“I’m so done,” Flora said. “I just can’t handle it anymore.” “I know,” Cassie said, flipping a blonde lock out of her eyes. “What are you saying, guys? What do you think we should do?” Caroline asked.

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