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In the Dark

The rain poured down in sheets outside. Thunder rattled my office window and echoed in my ears. The lights in the building flickered, and I briefly wondered if I should light my lantern. Before I could get up, a shadowy… Continue Reading →

The Extended Forecast

At my very first Mid-Atlantic Meteorological Association convention, I literally ran right into my idol, Chris Spencer. Spencer was the weatherman on one of the “Big Three” morning news programs and was the keynote speaker for the convention. After I… Continue Reading →

The Offer

Chip Foster gripped his briefcase so tightly, the handle pinched the folds of his palm. He switched the case to his other hand. Tried to calm himself, tried to relax. Today wasn’t going to be good.

On the Dotted Line

I watched as the steam climbed from the plate of meatloaf and mashed potatoes placed directly in front of me. I took a breath in, sighed, and slowly sat down at the front counter. This would be the first meal… Continue Reading →

’Til Death

She walked more slowly now. I noticed her steps were more hesitant, more calculated than when she visited a few weeks ago, and though I had walked beside her on the grass, panting under an unusually warm winter sun, she… Continue Reading →

Looks Can Be Deceiving

If Eugene didn’t have four legs, he’d be the type of person who rode a Harley, had porkchop sideburns, and sported battered leather jackets. Or at least people thought he would be that type of person.


Brigid Kildare added a tiny glass pane to the lamp she was working on. When finished, it would be a two-level glass lantern shaped roughly like a flat-sided hour glass, but less than an inch in length. Her larger one,… Continue Reading →

The Alpha Is In

“Tell me why you’re here.” Stephanie’s fingers traced the arm of the chair slowly as she thought about how to answer that. Why was she here? She sure as hell didn’t want to be. Everyone seemed to think there was… Continue Reading →


I didn’t even learn to shift until I was thirteen. It was painful, and Grandmother said it would likely always be difficult for me because my mother was foolish enough to get involved with a non-shifter.

More Than She Can Chew

Flora fluttered down to the Linder house with a sigh. The once-brown paint was peeling off the windowsill where Flora landed. She peered through the grimy window of the small house, taking only a momentary pause to look at herself… Continue Reading →

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