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The horrors of small-town life



    Jeff Burkholder, Creator and Editor-in-Chief – Jeff created the framework for what would become Gloaming Gap in the spring of 2009 and continues as the primary editor and man-(who-knows)-about-town. He also writes and draws the cartoons Zoidland, and… Continue Reading →

Jeannine Burkholder, Creative Editor – If Jeff’s the engineer behind Gloaming Gap, Nean’s definitely the architect. Read more of her work on her blog at Laughing at the Moon. Find her on Twitter at @jacksvalentine.

Brent Weaver writes to satisfy that creative craving. He has never been abducted by aliens, had tea with a zombie, or been on a reality show. Despite these obvious deficiencies in life experience he manages to conquer the prosaic by… Continue Reading →

Vicky Burkholder

For the past twenty years, Vicky has worked in various areas of publishing including writing, editing, reviewing, acquisitions, and bookselling. Her own works in fantasy, paranormals and futuristics led to stories with Gloaming Gap, a place where anything can happen – and does.

Melissa Milazzo

Melissa’s first contribution to Gloaming Gap was published in May 2011. By day she is an E-books guru for a scientific publishing company and by night she is a freelance writer.  Melissa’s short fiction has appeared in several online venues… Continue Reading →

Andrea Cumbo prefers to write in the “real world” of nonfiction, but when she cuts loose, she breaks free in a big way – writing her first fiction about yeti and fairies.  She likes to write to the cliche –… Continue Reading →

B.L. Boitson is a freelance writer and blogger whose topics include travel, events, and businesses in central Pennsylvania. Most recently, however, her writing has shifted in focus to the loss of her husband in October 2008 to a rare form… Continue Reading →

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