Gloaming Gap

The horrors of small-town life


Vicky Burkholder

In the Dark

The rain poured down in sheets outside. Thunder rattled my office window and echoed in my ears. The lights in the building flickered, and I briefly wondered if I should light my lantern. Before I could get up, a shadowy… Continue Reading →


Brigid Kildare added a tiny glass pane to the lamp she was working on. When finished, it would be a two-level glass lantern shaped roughly like a flat-sided hour glass, but less than an inch in length. Her larger one,… Continue Reading →

Displaced Ghosts

The storms cleared away and the residents emerged to view the damages left behind. Trees had been uprooted, branches flung everywhere, shingles and anything that hadn’t been tied down (and a few things that had) all blown about the town…. Continue Reading →


Good afternoon, Gloaming Gap Emporium. Betsy speaking. How may I help you? I’m sorry. There seems to be some interference on the line; could you repeat that? Perhaps there is a problem with the phone lines.

Vicky Burkholder

For the past twenty years, Vicky has worked in various areas of publishing including writing, editing, reviewing, acquisitions, and bookselling. Her own works in fantasy, paranormals and futuristics led to stories with Gloaming Gap, a place where anything can happen – and does.

Spirits in the Material World

A wispy, ethereal cloud of steam slowly appears above my cup of coffee. As I marvel and admire its presence, though, I hear the harsh rattle of a doorknob. The door’s largely impotent chain sways erratically back and forth as… Continue Reading →

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