Gloaming Gap

The horrors of small-town life


Nean Burkholder

In the Stars

“Hey, Bells! Check this out!” Chance dropped and swung precariously back and forth by his knees from the metal bars. His shirt flopped in his face, and Bella just snorted. “Wow, Chance. You are amazing.” Her voice was dry and… Continue Reading →

The Alpha Is In

“Tell me why you’re here.” Stephanie’s fingers traced the arm of the chair slowly as she thought about how to answer that. Why was she here? She sure as hell didn’t want to be. Everyone seemed to think there was… Continue Reading →

Christmas Presence

I shuffle through the square, unnoticed, unneeded, irrelevant. I’ve bumped elbows tonight with the elite of the town: the council of elders who run this place – the ones who’ve been here from the beginning, and who think they know… Continue Reading →

Under the Sun

I watch them as I watch everything here in town. They skip, scamper, and shout at one another — little “boos” in training. They’re nothing like their parents, who were nothing like their parents, who were nothing like their parents,… Continue Reading →

Diamond in the Rough

I was just visiting Gloaming Gap for the summer and only beginning to get my bearings. I’d done that thing that people do when they want to meet people — at least the way I’d been raised, churches were safer… Continue Reading →

Speed-Date with the Vampire

Date #1: Hi, there. Yeah, my name’s Vlad. …No, “Vlad”. It’s a – well, it’s a family name. One of my ancestors was named Vlad, and it’s been passed down. Right, just like “Vlad the Impaler”! That was my ancestor!… Continue Reading →

Jeannine Burkholder, Creative Editor – If Jeff’s the engineer behind Gloaming Gap, Nean’s definitely the architect. Read more of her work on her blog at Laughing at the Moon. Find her on Twitter at @jacksvalentine.

The Resignation of the Succubus

February 14, 2009 Lamashtu Enterprises 613 Mara Lane, Suite 47 Gloaming Gap, PA 94823 Dear Ms. Lilith: As you know I have been a trusted colleague and faithful employee here at Lamashtu Enterprises for most of my life. In that… Continue Reading →

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