Gloaming Gap

The horrors of small-town life


Brent A. Weaver

Muffin and Stuffin: The Second Batch

(continued from this story) Jesse glanced at the bakery display window, nearly empty except for some brownish muffins and a lot of fresh crumbs. Then he opened the door and stepped across the threshold. SMACK! Jesse’s cheek stung as a… Continue Reading →

Muffin and Stuffin: The Impertinent Smell

Jesse’s beast of an auto complained one last time, cresting the hill north of Gloaming Gap. The engine swore like a sailor and farted exhaust through the driver’s side air conditioning vents. Jesse’s gags from the stench stifled his salty… Continue Reading →

The One That Didn’t Get Away

Erica Lynn Maria Gonzalez de Echeverria sighed as she felt a cloud rolling over her sun.  How dare a cloud interrupt her week at the beach! Basking in the sun while lying on her blanket and occasionally combing out her… Continue Reading →

Brent Weaver writes to satisfy that creative craving. He has never been abducted by aliens, had tea with a zombie, or been on a reality show. Despite these obvious deficiencies in life experience he manages to conquer the prosaic by… Continue Reading →

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