May 252012
"Acorn Woodpecker (Melanerpes formicivorus)" by Kevin Cole from

{The following conversation took place approximately 7,200 years ago, between Squints-His-Eyes-A-Lot and his brother, Running-Down-His-Leg, as they explored a cave. The only reason we have this record is due to a rather peculiar bird who lived just outside the cave. This bird, long since rendered extinct, was sort of a cross between a woodpecker and a mockingbird, and could carve into a tree near-perfect digital representations of sounds it heard. This particular tree was cut down three years ago to make gourmet toothpicks for cheese-tastings, but the digital impressions were discovered prior to it’s shredding and preserved.}

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May 182012
image by Jeff Burkholder

I always came to the market during the “off” hours. Crowds were never my thing since the first vampire incident. I didn’t trust people as they brushed into me and blocked my exit strategy. I needed to be able to escape at a moment’s notice if I had to. So as soon as the market opened, I was there.

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May 112012
"Muffins!" by Lizard10979 on

(continued from this story)

Jesse glanced at the bakery display window, nearly empty except for some brownish muffins and a lot of fresh crumbs. Then he opened the door and stepped across the threshold.

SMACK! Jesse’s cheek stung as a fowl smell sucker-punched him from the side. It had obviously been waiting for him.

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May 042012
image: "Hospital Reflections" by mamassage from

Lisa’s new shoes squeaked against the laminate floor, echoing like trumpets announcing the coming of a queen. Her procession down the dimly lit hallway, though, was a little less glamorous. Lisa rolled her eyes and realized she should have listened to her sister Rachel and worn the new shoes around first to break them in. Lisa squeaked her way up to the elevator, pressed the green button and waited.

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Apr 272012
Image by Pedro Rebelo (Browserd on

“Wallace? Where’s that data?”

Andy’s voice broke the silence of my cubicle. My boss was really good at pouncing on unsuspecting drones like that. I switched over to the spreadsheet window and pointed.

“I’ve got most of it. Just waiting for Lesley in International Sales. And you know how she is.”
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